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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
30 June 2010 @ 11:39 pm
I have this friend, you see. She very much liked what I told her about the PPC (she's also unusually fond of Crelmos, but you don't expect me to consort with sane people, do you?), but she's not much of a writer herself.

Her proposal? That I bring in a character, Teek's best friend, and deal with the Sues that way. It's actually fortunate that it took me so damn long to actually get round of this; the friend's previous incarnation (nicknamed "Cara" until cassie5squared  and signed_up introduced an Agent of that name) pretty much had the distinct personality of a dried kipper (these things happen occasionally, it's quite embarrassing), and probably wouldn't have lasted long or been very funny. There was an early version with her, now buried deep in the bowels of the old computer in my bedroom, but it died unfinished. 

Fortunately, this year I thought to actually try and develop things, and asked what nationality my friend would prefer, as this is the way I tend to find names for my human characters. She said half-Japanese, half-British (per a Magic Kaito reference, I believe). With a bit of searching, a good name was found, and lo and behold, the character herself came running up soon afterwards. I soon learned a lot about how close she and Teek were, and both my friend and I started to like her quite a lot.

Of course, it was a few more months before I actually wrote anything, but I find projects much more easily than I finish them.

Here you go, Poppet, anyway. I finally wrote the darn thing.

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
23 June 2010 @ 10:50 pm
These interludes just keep coming, don't they? I'm delighted that Teek and Kayla work so well together, and that they're so easy to write; but of course, it can't all be crazy antics and Cafeteria lunches. (Although this piece does in fact begin in the Cafeteria at lunchtime, this should not be considered to change things.)

I suppose that the seeds of this began about a year ago, in part of an RP with lady_rilwen , who incidentally served as our beta yet again, and to whom we are very grateful; cassie5squared was shown the record of said RP soon after its creation and, a couple weeks back, this interlude was born. 

And so, without further ado, the Virtanen family reunion, courtesy of a particular squad of Raiders, Teek's conscience, and portal technology.

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
06 June 2010 @ 06:08 pm
Disclaimer: First and foremost, the PPC originated from the wonderful brains of Jay and Acacia. Discworld is the intellectual and legal property of, of course, Sir Terry Pratchett, as are all featured characters thereof. This fic, however, is the creation of one Bard Kayna. Athough s/he seems to have forgotten about it for the time being, Agents Kayla Richards and Teek Virtanen are nevertheless disposing of it, and belong to Cassie Cameron-Young and Lycaenion, respectively. The fic in its original form can be found here: What the Cat Dragged in.

Betaed by the most awesome and amazing lady_rilwen.

This mission follows on directly from the interlude "Meeting The Squad," which, if you haven't been keeping up with the adventures of Teek and Kayla religiously, can be found here.


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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
30 April 2010 @ 06:48 pm
 Let me reiterate that this was not written in episodic form, but that LJ is a bugger.

The continuing saga of Teek meeting some of the Raiders' finest.

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
 Or, yet another interlude with Teek and Kayla, co-written, of course, with cassie5squared .

This time, Teek meets the rest of Kayla's squad of Raiders. Greetings are exchanged, jokes are made, some training begins, food and drink flow freely (more freely than they probably should– this is the Cafeteria, after all). Oh, and Teek angsts a bit near the end, but she's a teenager. This is par for the course.

It was a little odd at first to RP with only one character responding to so many, but quite fun overall, I thought. 

Kindly formatted for LJ for me by Cassie, who edited it in Word beforehand so we wouldn't have to wrestle with Livejournal's deep and abiding hatred for all pasted documents.

Cut into two parts, as this ended up being a little on the lengthy side. 

EDIT: A notable plot hole has now been filled in. Much thanks to lady_rilwen , who picked up what flew over my head and promptly handed it back. 

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
28 January 2010 @ 07:49 pm
So, after quite a long time and much discussion, debate, and occasionally being read the metaphorical riot act by lady_rilwen , it was figured out that a certain partnership had exhausted all humour value. In fact, poor Teek especially had been dug into quite a deep hole, character-wise; I'd forgot exactly how much hatred there was, and she was getting more formulaic, biased, and angry with every appearance.

Needless to say, people were picking up on this, and they didn't much like it. Or her, for that matter.

Eventually, even I got sick of her, and although it's always nice to share sentiments with one's fellow authors, when it's your own character something is clearly wrong.

The only foreseeable solution, of course, was to find a partner who would treat her like a human being, and since there are other plans in the works for Crebaina, I was ready to think of someone else. He or she would be a veteran Agent, who would give Teek the whack upside the head (physically or emotionally) that she so desperately needed, and, following the wake-up call, would actually respect her and try to get along with her, since young humans are shown to respond positively to friendliness.

cassie5squared , however, upon hearing of this, immediately volunteered an Agent of her own for the job.

Saved on Google Docs, as reposting it all here proved to be far too much of a headache.

"Third Time's The Charm"

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
27 April 2009 @ 06:55 pm
Summary: In yet another rampant case of authors deciding magic (and not 42) is, indeed, the solution to everything, Crelmos and Teek are respectively interrupted from reading and a shower to take on silly premises, warped laws of biology, and quite a lot of babies.

Set somewhere around September/October 2008.

Original Fic, for those who really, really want to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4875631/3/Baby_Project

(And, for those of you wondering, "Hey, didn't these two only have to work together for a month, which is thus now over? Has Lycaenion really rotted that many braincells on the computer to forget?" I reply that the Marquis was so pleased with their change in output -and, let's face it, reassigning them would make them very happy indeed, and no proper Flower wants that- that he's officially stuck them together until further notice.

It also doesn't help that Teek is impulsive and hot-headed to a fault and needs watching, and that Crelmos, given the slightest chance, will sneak in lab equipment, grab an unwary subject or two, and start his old experiments again. The amount of annoyance and fury they inspire in each other will, it is hoped, distract them from doing anything damaging, and act as a largely sufficient punishment.

I plan to write an interlude to this effect at some point. But regardless of all this, we now return to our regularly scheduled mission.)

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
28 January 2009 @ 01:53 pm
Summary: A snotty, arrogant, D-cup Sue is bad enough; although in the Potter fandom, you can't swing a dead Kneazle without hitting seventeen of them.

A snotty arrogant D-cup Sue who just happens to be a goddess of horses is, undeniably, worse.

Add in a "lust curse" that turns every male within twenty miles of said D-cups into drooling, pawing animals... well.
If your partner's an ex-Token Lecherous Jerk, whose re-conditioning didn't work quite as well as one would hope, there could definitely be issues ahead.

As it turns out, Agent Teek has more than enough problems with her own body, and she isn't in the mood to pity someone else's. Uncanonical goddesses, in short, be damned.

Set mid-August 2008 HST. 

 View the Original Fic, which disgusted our very own Neshomeh to no end! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4163393/1/Horse_Goddesses_and_Magic_Schools_dont_mix

And The Goddess Did Wangst, And Spake Annoyingly Unto The PeopleCollapse )

Yet More Useless Notes: Well, this is the last re-upload. Any new missions posted from here on in will be just that- new. Where this one is concerned, however... This was definitely one of, if not completely, the most fun to write. More importantly, when I posted this on the Board, someone who called herself Rilwen Shadowflame commented. She liked it, and she particularly liked Crelmos, using the word "bastardry" to describe his antics, which I found rather amusing.

We started discussing our Agents in succeeding posts, and it was soon  decided that we should write an RP together. Things were moved off the Board to LiveJournal, and then to MSN Messenger. This mission, in short, is how I met lady_rilwen (who, incidentally, made my icon, after I got her into Deep Space Nine).

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Response Centre #1764- Lycaenion's Mission Logs
28 January 2009 @ 01:47 pm
Summary: The fic was pretty much standard; a human 'Sue who basically just inserted herself into The Lord Of The Rings as Frodo's adopted sister, and later went on to fall in Twu Wuv with Aragorn. Mildly irritating, but in no way akin to the horrors of last mission.

But the scars of "Lyra's Daughter" went deeper than Agent Teek had surmised, and when Crebaina must be taken away indefinitely, she is given a temporary partner- just when she might have started getting along with the first one.

As luck would have it, #1764's resident Trekkie is now working with a member of one of the races she had always (reluctantly) thought fictional; unfortunately, it just had to be one of the nastiest.

Takes place very shortly after the Ypur Invasion, early August 2008 HST.

(This badfic was 'donated' by Tomato, who jumped at the opportunity to foist something from her growing queue onto someone else. Rest assured that it was the lesser of the two evils she offered. I rather needed a break.)  The mission also includes cameos of her Agents in RC #1207, April Halloway, Lora, and Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata. 

 Original fic, for your viewing (dis)pleasure: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3250677/1/Quest_for_Identity

To Boredly GoCollapse )


More of my useless reminiscing: Ah, Crelmos's first appearance... You know, I'd only planned to use him for perhaps one more mission after this one, and then bring back Crebaina. But his character had literally just sprung from nowhere out of my brain, and he was just so much fun to write that I didn't want to let him go. Which, presumably, was his plan all along.
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